Do you like to read, like Marilyn Monroe, and are interested in Modern-day pinup culture? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Q: How do I join the club?

A: As of now, there is no log-in service or membership or fees (though in the future we hope to add a free forum here on the website). You likely found us through Instagram, and that is where all of our community book discussions currently take place. Follow our instagram page and our blog to find out which book we are reading that month, any events happening, and connect with other pinup and book lovers on there!

If you really do want to show off your engagement with the club, we also do have official Pinup Book Club merchandise for purchase, the profits of which goes to support the research for the books, maintenance of the website (fees) and content creation–and if you photograph the merchandise, you will get featured either in our story or our feed! Just tag us in you Pinup Book Club pics!

Q: How do the club discussions work?

A: On the 25th of each month, the Pinup Book Club instagram account will put up a “discussion post” (it will say “review” or “discussion” in the photo and in the description). On there feel free to comment on your thoughts of the book, interact with other people who have commented, ask questions, et cetera! We love active discussions. In the future, when we have website forums you will also be able to comment on there as well.

Q: The book this month is 400 pages/unavailable to me. Can I still participate if I don’t read that book?

A: Yes! If we are reading a book you are unable to read that particular month, feel free to read a previous book and comment at any time on previous review/discussion posts. Our list of previously read books is here.

Q: Do you only read Marilyn Monroe books?

A: Yes and no. The club began as the Marilyn Monroe book club, and was specifically geared towards monthly reading one book she owned, and that is still the primary goal of the club–however, as the club has grown, we have added new books (old and new) that we review. There is also an official book column for the club through Pinup Life Magazine, that suggests other books to read! If you have any leads on upcoming books that may be of interest, definitely share them with us.

Q: How do you get a picture featured on the official Instagram account?

A: We love sharing photos of you reading and engaging with the book club. We do not accept payment for sharing account photos, but if you photograph yourself with either the official merchandise or the book of the month, you are likely either be featured in the story or feed.